Blythe doll is a beautiful and popular doll with big head and eyes as compared to its body. It has a rope and by pulling this rope the color of eyes of Blythe doll changes into different colors. It has become very popular because to its unique shape and appearance. Blythe dolls were introduced in 1972 but became popular after almost three decades of its introduction.

Blythe dolls have plastic hands and softer rubber hands and legs. They normally have bendable and adjustable hands and legs which can be twisted to certain degree. Like mentioned earlier they close and open their eyes after being pulled by a rope and their eye balls change into attractive colors when they open the eye.

Normally full sized Blythe dolls have the feature of closing and opening the eyes and changing colors which is not available in smaller Blythe dolls. The colors of the eyes are different, common colors are blue, amber, green, pink and orange. Even the position of eye balls can be changed which makes it more attractive. There are many online and offline shops selling Blythe dolls. But the biggest and the best one is by far the This Is Blythe company. As you can read from hundreds This Is Blythe reviews, they produce some of the best Blythe dolls and special accessories for the dolls.

Hasbro Blythe dolls , Takara Blythe dolls and Vintage Blythe Dolls are main types of Blythe Dolls produced since 2001. These are various kinds of dolls which became very popular among children in US, Japan and all over the world. The price range for these dolls range from fifty dollars to five hundred dollars and more, may be more than this for limited edition dolls. Hasbro Blythe dolls, Takara Blythe dolls and Vintage Blythe dolls also have replicas of original dolls produced thirty years ago. It’s in limited edition though. These dolls are important and attractive part of world toy market and also attract people who have hobby of collecting and storing.

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