Why Hire Professional Framers?

Whether you are building a brand new home in Aurora or renovating a basement, hiring a professional to take care of the framing is vital. The framing structure of a home determines it’s overall quality and longevity, therefore making it the most important part of the building process.

Framing consists of three steps, including the floor joists, walls and trusses. Since it can often be a challenging task, even for those with experience, leaving it to the pros themselves is key. Home Framing Aurora contractors understand the layout of the home, can read building blueprints and specialize in safety regulations and lumber size required for the project at hand.

Since the framing structure is considered to be the exterior shell of your home, it’s imperative to only hire the best in the industry. Never enlist a professional’s help based on a fancy or intriguing advertisement, but instead hire based on recommendations from those you trust.

The first thing you’ll want to do when shopping around for a great contractor is ask family, neighbors and friends if they would recommend anyone to you. If anyone has used a specialist to help renovate or develop their basement or even during a new home project, in the very least they can provide you with some dos and don’ts. If this isn’t an option for you, your next best bet is to check out a variety of online business directories to find unbiased consumer reviews. These can often be found on Google Places or the Yellow Pages.

Once you get your list narrowed down to two or three contractors, you will want to research each one in detail. Always make sure whomever you hire is experienced, reliable and is well educated in the art of framing homes. They should also have a valid professional business license, be insured as well as bonded.

Whenever you are hiring a contractor for a job such as this, it’s crucial to ensure they back their service and product with a full warranty. Make sure you get this guarantee in writing, along with the professional’s business credentials and contact information.

The final thing you will want to do before officially hiring someone is to double-check his or her references. Don’t ever hesitate to ask them for a list of past and current clients. Call a few of them up and go over their overall experience with the contractor in question. If the framer is unwilling to provide you with these, move onto the next candidate on your shortlist.

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