Methods And Reasons For Abortion

Pregnancy is one of the most memorable and special periods in any woman’s life. There’s no feeling that’s more wonderful than giving birth to your own baby, and for proud parents, this is definitely one of the most endearing moments in their lives. But although many women welcome the idea of pregnancy, there are some cases where having a child is not an option. In these cases, women choose to have an abortion to get rid of the life inside their womb.

An abortion refers to any method of untimely removing a fetus or embryo from the mother’s womb before its due birth date, resulting in the child’s death. Abortion can either be deliberate, with complete approval of the mother or an occurrence that is spontaneous and accidental. This particular practice has been seen all throughout history, and is one of the most controversial moral and legal social issues that is continuously being debated on up to today.

Usually, abortion is chosen by the women for a number of reasons. Some consider it as a form of family planning. For example, if a couple has too many children, they would choose to have their next child aborted. Unplanned maternity cases, such as teenage pregnancy can also result in abortion. There are also instances when the pregnancy is harmful to the mother, and abortion is the best way to save her life. Sometimes, when a genetic problem or a birth defect has been seen in a fetus, the parents would choose to have it aborted, instead of letting the child be born with such trauma.

Abortion can be done through many different methods in abortion Singapore clinics. Induced abortion, for example, can be done through medical and surgical procedures such as suction-aspiration, dilation and evacuation, dilation and curettage, salt poisoning, cesarean section or hysterotomy and prostaglandin chemical abortion. Some women choose intaking abortion pills, such as misoprostol and mifepristone. The manner of abortion is selected depending on the fetus’ gestation age, legality of the method, regional availability and the preference of the mother and the physician.

Miscarriages can also be seen as a method of abortion. A miscarriage is an unexpected and unfortunate event such as an accidental trauma due to natural causes that results in the death of a fetus inside the womb. Sometimes, miscarriages are a result of an incorrect chromosome reproduction.