Best Places to Visit in Peru

Machu Picchu

It goes without saying that Machu Picchu is one of the best places to visit in Peru. Visitors from all over the world come to the country to see the famous Inca ruins, and they are well worth the trip. Stunning climbs, fascinating history, and breathtaking views are all part of the attraction.


While many people see Cuzco as merely a jumping-off point for Machu Picchu, it is a great place to visit in its own right. The city is rich in Inca and colonial history, and there are great markets and beautiful plazas to visit as well. Cuzco also has some top-notch restaurants that are worth a try.

Puno and Lake Titicaca

While Puno itself isn’t much to see, the famous floating islands on Lake Titicaca are one of the best places to visit in Peru. Made from reeds in the lake, the islands are harnessed together to make a man-made archipelago on the water. Everything from houses to hotels and restaurants can be found there, making the islands worth a one or two day trip from Puno.

Nazca Lines

The famous Nazca Lines have mystified people for many years. Large ancient geoglyphs that cover miles of ground in the Nazca Desert, the lines are a stunning sight to see from above. They are also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Puerto Maldonado and the Amazon

Often overlooked on Peru itineraries, Puerto Maldonado and the Peruvian Amazon with Peru Amazon tours are truly some of the top places to go in Peru. The Madre de Dios River, which is a tributary of the Amazon, is perfect for river safaris, where visitors can see everything from monkeys to caimans (Amazonian crocodiles) and capybaras. On land, there are great hotels and lodges that can organize jungle trekking tours, canopy walks, and other excursions.


While many visitors to Peru only visit Lima because they have a layover before heading deeper into the country, the capital city isn’t as bad as naysayers would have you think. For starters, Lima has some of the best restaurants in the world, including La Mar and Las Brujas de Cachiche.

The city also has amazing history, beautiful colonial architecture, and pretty seaside parks, as well as markets that sell souvenirs for a fraction of the price you can find them elsewhere in the country. All of these things and more make Lima one of the best places to visit in Peru.

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