Quiet Humidifiers For Home

If you’ve ever owned a humidifier yourself or been into a friends house where one is running you will know that one of the biggest problems of all with humidifiers for home are that they can be extremely noisy which can make using them unpleasant despite the potential health benefits.

Fortunately there are solutions and there are a number of quiet humidifiers for home that are available if you know exactly what you’re looking for and they come in different shapes and design such as bird humidifier.

In terms of how home humidifiers work, the most common arrangement is that water is drawn up a fabric wick, over which a fan blows. Rather like the wind blowing your washing this air movement causes water to evaporate into the air and the fan then blows this moist air out into your room.

However as I’m sure you can imagine this constant whirring of a fan all day long (or even all night long if you want to use your humidifier while you’re asleep) can quickly get annoying.

However quiet humidifiers for home do exist in the form of ultrasonic humidifiers. Ultrasonic humidifiers do not use a fan like most cool-mist humidifiers and instead rely on ultrasonic waves to “blast” water droplets into the air around your home. As the human ear cannot make out these sounds this means that ultrasonic humidifiers for home are almost totally silent.