How To Create A Scavenger Hunt For Adults

Cocktails and cheese just do not cut it anymore at parties for those who have passed the college drinking age. Although beer pong sounds like a fabulous way to spice up the evenings events, it may not be for everyone. So how can the party host, looking to plan the adult party of the century possibly pull it off without creating a situation that might be featured in Lifetime’s next made for TV drama? It is as simple as making a scavenger hunt for adults, setting the party mood, and watching people go wild over this phenomenal party game that makes a frat party look tame in comparison.

The first objective of this project is to pick a theme. Consider choosing a theme that everyone can relate to while keeping people guessing. Are most of the people attending the party in their thirties or forties? Use a scavenger hunt list for adults that include 80’s trivia and crazy items they’ll remember such as t-shirt clips, and Prince 8 track album covers. Looking to please an older generation? Use an adult scavenger hunt list that includes items such as a picture of a woman in a poodle skirt or nostalgia items that remind them of World War II. To please a younger crowd, those passed the frat party age, but post-eighties, use a scavenger hunt ideas for adults that include items that remind them of internet start-ups that are still thriving. Place something that reminds them of AOL, Yahoo, or AltaVista in the area, with a focus on the pre-Google take over.

After a theme has been chosen, it is time to determine the right venue. Should the party be moved outdoors, or perhaps to a local entertainment facility? If renting a place, make sure that they are aware that you will be placing items throughout the building and get a list of areas that off limit. Have a backup plan to offset foul weather if the party is scavenger hunt is set to take place outdoors. Make sure to decorate in line with the theme set for the scavenger hunt list for adults.

Create a set of rules that will be agreeable for all parties. These rules should include how to win the game, or become disqualified from the game. If these friends are from different social networks consider separating the cliques and placing them into groups where they can get to know others. Use the scavenger hunt lists for adults to highlight specific items that everyone must find, and items that are optional. Consider assigning points to each item and award prizes to the team with the highest points, and the team that collected the most items at the end of the adult scavenger hunt competition.

Too tired or busy to create a scavenger hunt list for adults? Consider buying scavenger hunt ideas for adults online. Look for a scavenger hunt list for adults from a reputable source that knows how to create the party of a lifetime. Make sure to keep it fun, keep everyone safe, and add as many details as are necessary to create the adult party of a lifetime.

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