Product Evaluation

You Can Never Be 100% Certain About ANY Invention’s Commercial Success

If you’ve spent any appreciable amount of time around inventors or new product entrepreneurs, you will have heard the proclamations of “guaranteed to make millions” and its variants many times over.

While passion for your invention or new product is obviously crucial, wishful thinking can cloud your decision making processes to the detriment of your product’s future.

The question that every inventor or new product entrepreneur must focus on when doing an evaluation for commercial potential is:

Will it be profitable to manufacture and sell or otherwise commercially implement?

Sensible inventors understand that there is no way to absolutely answer this question. The bottom line comes down to a combination of factors, promotion and marketing, produce design and packaging, overall market conditions at the time, timing itself being a big factor, plus a much longer list of potentialities as you can read from this article – patent my invention through InventHelp.

Here are five primary product development criterion that new inventors should consider carefully for any new product idea or invention that they are developing:

  • Can you manufacture or produce the product cost effectively? Can you license it to an existing company that could?
  • Can you price the product competitively?
  • Can you position the product in the marketplace well? How much and what type of competition exists?
  • Can you promote the product cost effectively? How can you market to the product’s demographic?
  • Can you handle the long haul with this product? Are you prepared to put forth the resources the product will require based on your research?

Beyond these factors, you have other dimensions of the process that are equally vital, though not an issue until the product reaches the commercialization stage. For example, product packaging, not only the external container but the form factor of the product itself and all of the collateral material, can sometimes make or break a new product. Consider the Pet Rock – quite literally a rock in a box, which not only sold by the truckload but lives on as a cultural meme more than 30 years after it hit the market!

What does the “Class IV” in laser therapy mean?

Class IV lasers are significantly more powerful than the lower class 3 lasers, meaning they have the power to penetrate much deeper into damaged tissue.

The deeper penetration capabilities of Class IV lasers allows sufficient energy to be delivered deep into the body and areas where lower lasers cannot reach. Class four laser has the power to treat much larger areas in a shorter period of time. When tissues that surround the injured areas are treated as well they land more support and help stabilize the injured area. Like the ripple effect seen when throwing a pebble into a pond, when an area is injured the surrounding areas are put under extra stress and can develop into ongoing problems if not treated.

How Does Deep Tissue Laser Therapy Work?

Deep Tissue Laser Therapy, activates a cascade of biochemical processes (photobiomodulation) in the body which result in:

Accelerated Tissue Repair

Laser Therapy results in an increase in ATP (cellular energy) production in cells which helps aid cell regeneration, nutrient absorption and waste removal. An increase in circulation to the area results in an increase in oxygenated blood to the damaged tissue. The result is accelerated healing of muscles, tendons, ligaments and even bone.

Pain Reduction

Laser Therapy increases the production and release of endorphins and enkephalins, natural pain relieving chemicals. There is also a beneficial effect on nerve cells by suppressing the pain signals transmitted by cells to the brain, decreasing nerve sensitivity and reducing the perception of pain. Over time this can help to reset the chronic pain cycle.

Decreased Inflammation

Laser Therapy activates vasodilation which promotes proper lymphatic drainage. There is an increase in inflammatory mediators within the cell which decreases inflammation within the tissue. This also has the effect of reducing pain in the affected area.​​

Increased Metabolic Activity

The biochemical effect of laser therapy within the cell results in higher outputs of specific enzymes needed for healing

Faster Wound Healing

Laser light stimulates fibroblast development in damaged tissue. Fibroblasts are the building blocks of collagen, which is predominant in wound healing. Collegan is the essential protein required to repair tissue injuries

Improved Vascular Activity

Laser therapy increases the formation of new capillaries in damaged tissue which speeds up the healing process, closes wounds quicker and reduces scar tissue formation

Improved Nerve Function

Slow recovery of nerve functions in damaged tissue can result in numbness and impaired limbs. Laser Therapy speeds up the process of nerve cell regeneration and increase nerve cell action potential to normal levels.

Kinesiology Guide

There are over 140 different systems of Kinesiology with over 100 organizations throughout the world practicing it, Kinesiology is a holistic approach to health and involves the muscles within our body being tested to help discover what’s going on in our body.

What is a muscle test?

During a typical examination the subject will try to hold an arm or leg up while the Kinesiologist tries to push it down, there are more specific tests to Kinesiology but this is the basics behind them.

During a test the Kinesiologist will feel for any changes in the force that is supplied because anything that has an affect on our body can be felt in our muscles through our nervous system.

The Kinesiologist will test various body positions, hand modes and reflex points in this way and this will help them to determine what treatment if any will have an impact on our problem.

Why are there so many different types of Kinesiology?

Some organizations began teaching methods of Kinesiology to people themselves for self help with their problems while others branched off to look into the hand modes and bio computer concepts of Kinesiology.

Today people use the term Kinesiology to describe all different kinds of muscle testing whether it is specialized Kinesiology, applied Kinesiology or classical Kinesiology.

The many different types of Kinesiology

Applied Kinesiology – This was the original form which was developed by Dr Good heart and is taught by health care practitioners the world over.

Behavioural Kinesiology – This is an integrated system for assessing the effects stimuli has on the body which gives us a better understanding of how the bodies energy system works in relation to our health.

Classical Kinesiology – Therapists trained in classical Kinesiology usually use a nutritional approach to address problems within the body.

Clinical Kinesiology – Bio computer and hand modes were introduced to Kinesiology which then branched off into clinical Kinesiology.

Counselling Kinesiology – this form of Kinesiology combines techniques to help identify emotional stress, it is a systematic approach to help identify emotional issues which ca cause problems with our health to persist.

Dance Kinesiology – This form was introduced through combining dancing and the use of muscles contraction.

Educational Kinesiology – A form of Kinesiology which focuses on natural movement experiences to help learning.

Holo dynamic Kinesiology – this type of Kinesiology gives direct access to the body’s own priority system using a holo dynamic entry procedure.

Specialized Kinesiology – this term is used broadly to describe any method of Kinesiology other than applied Kinesiology.

Wholistic Kinesiology – This method combines all the best techniques of other Kinesiology and combines them into an all round package for those wishing to learn natural healing.

Of course these aren’t the only methods of using Kinesiology but the ones that are most often used throughout the world. There are many other forms which have branched off from the original Kinesiology some of which are recognized by trained practitioners and some which are not.

How Heating Repair Can Help You Save Money On Your Utility Bill

While most people wouldn’t dream of driving their cars without performing the necessary regular oil changes and tune-ups, they will go year after year without servicing their home heating systems. They pretty much ignore them throughout the spring, summer and early fall until that first freezing night comes along when the temperature nose dives like crazy.

According to experts, as much as half of the energy used in your home goes to heating. Keeping your system in tiptop shape can also increase its efficiency as well as have a large affect on your utility bill. Studies show that properly maintaining your heating system can easily lessen energy expenses by up to 30% in a single month.

If you’re like most homeowners nowadays, you are most likely to have limited ability to perform many of your heating system’s maintenance tasks, save switching it on and off as well as changing a couple of filters here and there. Unfortunately, if you have neglected to check how your home’s heating system is going along, you could be in for a few miserable days and nights or more sooner or later.

Don’t procrastinate when it comes to taking care of your heating system. While it’s human nature to wait until the last minute to check out a potential problem, make sure your unit has been thoroughly checked for maintenance or heating repair by a qualified heater repair technician unless you want to find nothing but cold air is blowing out the vents the next time you start it up.

As with any piece of equipment, heating systems require routine maintenance and top-notch heating repair in order to keep running without a glitch. Although a lot can easily go wrong with your unit, regardless of the make, model or mode of heat production, nothing beats a little preventive medicine when it comes to keeping potential problems at bay. Make sure you check out our informative pages right away to start giving your heating system the TLC it truly deserves without ruining your budget.

Things To Consider When Renting Basement Apartments

The prospect of looking for an apartment could become a frustrating and terrifying experience. Generally, there are a number of factors to think about whenever a person is searching for a new area to call home. Fortunately, there are good property management companies in Burnaby to assist and the following suggestions will give you some things to consider when searching basement suites for rent in Burnaby and hopefully help to make this activity less nerve-racking.

Make an attempt to start searching for this property at least 3 months prior to when you want to relocate. As a result of securing the place ahead of time, you will only need to pack in the last month instead of walking the neighborhood to find suitable apartment.

Whenever you are thinking about leasing an apartment, ensure that you view exact unit, because photographs will not accurately reveal everything that the space will provide. Touring the entire apartment can give you a good opportunity to imagine how your furnishings will fit in the space or if all your items will fit comfortable with enough space to move around.

You need to think about your ability to afford the rental payments every month. Remember that the late payments can lead to extra fee and also possible eviction. In the event that you locate the place which you like but can’t afford, look at getting a flat mate. As a result, you will find the dream place and actually afford to the pay the rent.

Several apartments will include particular utilities in the actual price for the rent. But, ensure that you find out exactly what is included before signing the lease, because you might have to factor the cost for the utilities in the overall rental price.

Aside from ensuring that the prospective apartment is secure, you must examine the actual building. The main door should be able to lock properly and the hallway and entrance lighting should be adequate.

The existing residents will be a helpful source of information, so you can ask them any questions that you might have or if you want to back up what the property manager or agent will tell you.

Give some thought to the actual location and the area where the apartment is located. It is important that you feel secure within your surroundings.

Any time you are looking for a new apartment, you should pay attention to the support that the staff is offering to you. These people must be friendly and also willing to help. The property manager will be responsible for dealing with your maintenance demands and various other issues related to the apartment, so it is important that they are attentive and pro-active.

Prior to placing your signature on any lease agreement, ensure that you fully understand all the terms and conditions. Go through the entire lease and ensure that you ask all the relevant questions to help you understand the terms. This is actually a legal record and it is very important that you have an understanding of your obligations and rights.

Remember, that there are no stupid questions, so even if you think that the property might think it is little detail, you should ask anyway. This is very important, especially if you are taking on a big financial responsibility. Hopefully, these simple things to consider when renting basement apartments will prove to be valuable in your property search.

Creative Custom Signs

We live in a highly competitive age. People are scrambling to find employment and do business wherever they can. One industry that is doing well is the advertising industry – people are investing what money they have in getting themselves noticed in this day of uncertainty. A smart way of using your advertising budget is by creating an original, eye grabbing custom business sign. Custom signs can actually make a brand of your business by giving it visual markers that people will remember. With the right use of graphics, typeface, and colors, you can create an image for your business that will infiltrate people’s memories and make your business the first one they think of when they need your service.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of competition out there. And since everyone is using their budgets on advertising for the same reasons, a lot of professionals are also designing amazing custom signs. But that’s okay! Your business sign’s goal is to get people to notice and remember you. Once they’re in the door, your outstanding service will bring them back!

Yes, Your Custom Business Sign Can Stand Out Amidst The Competition

Take one industry that’s not doing as well as advertising right now – real estate. Not only are homes not selling, there are a ton of real estate companies out there. Sign companies do a lot of business with real estate agents, as they need multiple custom signs for their business. We can tell you the custom sign designs for just about every real estate business in the area! And they all are pretty good. Think for yourself – name three real estate companies and visualize their business signs. You probably imagined their signs before you even thought of their names!

Even with the vast number of real estate companies out there, each company has a unique sign that represents their company alone. From bright blue signs with white lettering, to black and gold custom signs, to red, white and blue custom signs, the colors these companies have chosen for their signs definitely stand out. Not only are their colors instantly recognizable, but they have graphics that make them one-of-a-kind as well. Hot air balloons. A giant rock. A letter ‘C’. These have all become iconic images associated with the custom business signs of certain real estate companies.

These tricks of good advertising aren’t limited to the national companies, either. A local real estate company has made its mark with its distinguished custom real estate sign. The sign, featuring an aqua colored graphic of the shape of our state, South Carolina, combined with text in the same color on a white background, has successfully set itself apart from many others in the field. First of all, the state graphic lets clients and potential clients know that the business is local – which is important to a lot of people. Secondly, the aqua color of the imaging invites an association with the water – also relevant, since this company is on the coast. So even though this company’s business sign isn’t as recognizable nationally as the others may be, it gets a lot of local attention, which is the goal of the business owners.

So even if you’re worried that your business sign will get lost among all of the others, if you design a strong sign, it will still get you noticed. And then the hard part of keeping your business is up to you!

Use Your Custom Business Sign In Multiple Places For Multiple Name Recognition

Let’s stay with the example of real estate agents. Are the only custom signs you see belonging to real estate companies the ones in people’s front yards? Speaking for myself, I know that I see real estate signs everywhere – from yard signs to magnetic car signs to business cards and collared shirts, their images are almost impossible to ignore. So once you design your custom business sign, don’t limit its exposure to the buying public! Invest in a full marketing campaign and display your custom business sign wherever you anticipate high traffic, and soon your sign will be as memorable as the local real estate company’s.

Give Your Business A Good Custom Sign, and Give Your Business A Brand

Don’t be dissuaded by the competition. If you believe in your business, the first step is to let others know why you believe in it. And the best way to let them know is by ordering and displaying a truly distinct custom business sign.

Why Do You Need A Baby Car Mirror

There are good reasons for baby car mirrors. Parents of small children know the feeling. While driving, the baby or toddler sits in the baby seat or reboarder in the back of the car, facing the direction of travel. There is also a good reason for this, because all safety tests confirm that this is the best way for youngsters to deal with the centrifugal forces acting on them in the event of an accident. But how should a visual check be carried out while driving? How can the baby be observed in the rearview mirror?

The solution is a back seat mirror, which is usually mounted on the rear headrest and with which you can see your child comfortably while driving. And that feeling is extremely reassuring! All parents will surely confirm that to you. (Just imagine the following situation: your child is coughing, it sounds as if they have choked. Without checking their eyes, it is difficult to assess whether your child needs support and whether you might have to pull over to the right.)

With car mirror you can keep a close eye on your most valuable possession. In addition, it is also important for your baby and child that they can see the parent. Car mirror meets all strict safety requirements and is therefore crash tested as happens with car seats.