Which sign to choose?

You know you want a sign for your business but the variety of signs are simply too confusing to choose from…especially if you know nothing about signage!

There are a wide range of signs available including Illuminated signs. These signs are often a popular choice for businesses looking to grab some extra attention and stand out from others around them.

These brightly lit signs can be customized to reflect exactly what a business needs. These custom led signs are designed by sign experts that give you the option of using colored tubular glass or clear glass, depending on how you want your sign to appear at different times of the day. You can choose to display your sign indoors or outdoors and signs can flash or be static.

Lightbox signs are another option to consider if you like illuminated signs. Lightboxes are different to neon signs as they use an aluminum box frame which contains a light within that illuminates your acrylic signage. You will see these on shopfronts, being used for store names etc.

If your outdoor signage needs are non-illuminated, pylon signs are a popular option. These signs are popularly used by commercial and multi-dwelling complexes. These signs, also known as pole signs, display signage at a great height, which helps grab extra attention.

Sign makers cannot only guide you through your sign-choosing process, but can also help with the design, manufacture, installation and repair of your signage. In addition to lightbox signs, neon signs and pylon signs, many companies offers numerous other sign options to choose from, so your business will always have the perfect and most suitable sign.

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