Tree Removal Reasons

There are a number of reasons as to why trees may have to be removed, Trees add value to your property and take many years to reach a mature size, It is very expensive to replace mature trees, and is near impossible to pre-empt ,what and where we want to have trees, without some form of future planning of our outdoor environment. There will always be a need to remove trees, although, with a little knowledge, and planning, we can minimise the reasons and cost associated with tree removals.

Some of the reasons trees are removed

The assessment of the tree has proven to be a potential hazard to the safety of people and or property ,e.g. lifting, cracking, or leaning,

To make way for new developments, buildings or renovations to existing buildings

The tree has outgrown its environment and is causing damage to property foundations and structures

There is to much disease in the tree and is a potential health and safety hazard

The tree is dead, and is at risk of causing damage to people and property

There is a fungal rot and the stability of the tree is at risk

Tree branches are starting to be thrown

The tree has started to decline in health.

The offending trees are causing damage to retaining walls, utilities services, pathways driveways

Root pruning or root barrier are not an effective treatment to contain the tree

Personal health reasons, allergies, hives and asthma control

To enhance a view or outlook on a property

The trees shading effect is causing mould and or rising damp

The tree is causing damage to pipe work and plumbing

The tree has reached its Safe Useful Life Expectancy and has started to decline in health

The trees are not part of your landscaping plans

You have just purchased a property and want to start your treescape, landscape from scratch

The desired outcome of your initial plantings are different from previously planned

It is wise to pre plan your outdoor environment, so as to minimise any future tree problems.

The  £1 nursery special, could end up being the  £100 –  £1000 tree removal job in the future.

Think very carefully about where you plant your next shrub or tree, and consider the extended future in what and where you want to see and have in your garden. It is advisable to call in the tree services Ulverston to help you out. It is very easy to purchase a dozen or so plants, and squeeze then into a confined space for an immediate visual appeasement, consider the ramifications of many trees in a confined space and remember that the consequences of your action now, will be not be fully understood until many years into the future.

In an ideal world, we would plant the correct tree for the correct space, and never have to touch or prune the tree, which would allow the tree to grow to its full mature size and shape, and add value to your investment, rather than be a liability and future expense.

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