Perhaps You Should Consider the Form and Function of the Pelvic Floor?

There is a group of muscles in a hammock-like sheet suspended within the pelvis that supports our internal organs. These are called the Pelvic Floor Muscles and they play an important role in the correct functioning of the urethra (the outlet tube of the bladder) and the rectum. A woman’s vagina crosses her pelvic floor muscle sheet also.

Most people are unaware of their Pelvic Floor Muscles.

When bladder or bowel control becomes a problem (for example, accidental leaks during laughing, coughing or exertion or after surgery), the pelvic floor muscles come into focus.

These leaks are probably telling you that your Pelvic Floor muscles are unfit or have become damaged or stretched.

For example:

  • Any surgery involving the anal canal can lead to bowel control problems.
  • Men often have trouble with bladder control after prostate surgery.
  • Damage to the anal canal during childbirth involving tearing of the perineum and injury to anal sphincters can lead to bowel control difficulties.
  • Pudendal nerve damage during prolonged labour and childbirth.
  • Homosexual men sometimes suffer from faecal incontinence.
  • Childbirth is often a cause of overstretching of the pelvic floor muscles, particularly the vaginal muscles .
  • Perimenopause has a variety of symptoms, one being stress incontinence.

Pelvic floor exercises can revitalize your Pelvic Floor and bring things back to normal – or better!

There are also helpful supplements such as the Plevic Floor Strong as you can see from numerous Plevic Floor Strong reviews.

These muscles also play a role in sexual satisfaction. With overstretched vaginal muscles, the sensation during intercourse is not quite the same for the husband or the wife.

Before starting a program of pelvic floor exercises to improve bladder or bowel control it is a good idea to talk to a doctor in case there are other factors affecting your condition.

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