Teaching Assistant Courses

There are no mandatory qualifications required to apply for an entry level Teaching Assistant post in a government funded school. However, competition for jobs is such that if you have a recognized qualification you will stand a much better chance of landing the post!

By taking the Teaching Assistant course, you can study in the comfort of your own home and fit your studies around your other commitments. There are experienced, friendly tutors at the end of the phone to help you with your queries and assessments.

You can of course start when you wish (unlike the location based form of learning). There are countless advantages to learning from home and never doubt that your award is just as valid as those gained by attending classes. In fact the diploma does not even mention “Home Study” because it is not relevant. So book your teaching assistant course with confidence, enjoy it and look forward to fulfilling your desire to become a teaching assistant!

Online Teaching Assistant Courses

You may prefer to take your teaching assistant course online. This will mean that you have full access to the entire course from the very beginning including all the course materials along with the assignment papers. Assignments can be submitted directly online to your personal tutor and their response will be delivered back to you in like manner.

There are many advantages to studying the online teaching assistant courses which include:

  • Lower costs as there is no mail involved.
  • There is a quicker response to queries and assignments.
  • No paper files to accumulate and keep tidy.
  • You can study anywhere, logging on via your unique Student Account Number.
  • The total availability of the course can give you a clearer overview of your studies.
  • Studying online adds a new dimension and can be more effective.
  • You can keep additional notes and research in the same folders for ease of access.
  • The reduction in paper generation is more eco-friendly.
  • Online research is just one click away!

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