Professional Makeup

In a saturated market such as the Bridal Industry, brides can have a hard time finding her Perfect Artist. Self-confidence is an extremely important element in true beauty, and while every bride should love how they look, the makeup is meant to enhance your natural look, while having your still look like yourself. The choice of your makeup artist and application should be as important in choosing your gown. Fortunately, there are online makeup artists and stylist portals such as the Blend Direct, where you can browse through numerous artists and stylists to find your perfect match. Every area of design will come together and work to create a finished product or theme that attains specifically to your wants and needs as bride!

Many considerations must be addressed in order to achieve the best quality makeup, design, and application such as the time of day you are getting married, as well as colors used in the wedding. Wedding dresses are completely different from the normal day-to-day wardrobe; therefore the makeup should be as well. You want to emphasize the natural characteristics while adding a glow. There are many things a bride-to-be should consider before the big day to naturally enhance and embrace this glow yourself!

For bridal makeup, there will be an on-site makeup station set-up with proper lighting, chairs and equipment. Look-books will also be available for on-site references with visual examples for better indication in preferences.

The Bridal makeup consists of a facial cleansing, toning, and moisturizing to readily clean and prepare the face for a properly suited look. The appropriate foundation and formula will be assessed to your specific skin type, tone, and preference, while delivering a complete and overall smooth coverage. Eyes, brows, lips, and cheeks will all be attended to with a complimentary application of singular false eyelashes. Also, an optional face chart will be readily available upon request, consisting of the makeup, colors, and techniques used.

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