Select the Right Pair of Pants for Yourself

Pants are the new vogue among women. Be it office going women or housewives, today all kinds of women are seen wearing pants to flaunt their long tapered legs. Pants are an absolute must in every woman’s closet because they are not only comfortable to wear but also look stylish and chic when worn. However, finding the right kind of pair of pants is a little difficult. What might suit one, might look ugly on another woman. Therefore, if you want to know how to find the right pair of pants for you, read on.

Women with a Heavy Top Body: Generally, women who have a heavy top should buy a full-cut leg as it will balance their figure. They should buy pants in boot-cut styles or wide legged styles as these will enhance the lower part of the body without making the top part feel so heavy. These women should avoid clingy or tight pants which will distinguish the top part of their body. Also, if you have a flat backside, trousers with back pockets will look great.

Women with Full Hips: If you have full hips, you should try out flared bottoms or boot-cut pants as these will make your lower body look slim. Also, try to look for simple pants. Skinnies also look good on these women. However, with full hips, avoid wearing cropped pants or pants which come with a lot of side pockets as these will further emphasize the lower part of your body. Also add on a loose top to hide your full hips.

Boyish Figured Women: Women who have a boyish figure should try out fitted waist pants. Also, try to purchase pants which come with back flap pockets. If you are one of those women who have short waist, you can simply look for higher waist slacks as it will elongate your waist and will make you look taller. However, avoid getting baggy pants. These pants will make you look short.

Therefore, while buying yourself any type of clothing, search online from wholesale womens clothing portals for better deals. It is essential to assess your body shape first. If you know what your body shape is and what kind of pants suit what body shape, you will be able to find the right pair of pants.

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