Cataract surgery recovery

It is recommended to rest. You should avoid things like: physical exercises, heavy lifting, bending or swimming. You have to close your eyes when you are taking showers or baths. It is important to follow your doctor instructions for your recovery not to suffer any complication. You need to wear eye coverings during the day and night for preventing the infection. You will have to apply eye ointments or drops with antibiotics and corticosteroids. If you follow the doctor’s instructions in 6 weeks you will be fully recovered. You can find more info on Prepare for Cataract surgery post.

Cataract surgery complications

There are very rare cases in which complications appear, like loss of vision, bleeding, infection and double vision. Infection after the cataract surgery can be very serious. The eye becomes red and painful. You will experience a decrease of vision. The artificial lens may change position. If this happens another surgery is needed. Inflammation of the eye (the eye starts to ache and becomes red) is another complication. A fluid accumulation in the retina which may cause blurred vision is treated with eye drops.

Cataract symptoms

Cataract causes a variety of symptoms like: blurred vision, photophobia (glare difficulty in bright sun) or car headlights when driving at night, double or distorted vision, inflammation and pressure in the eye, view of halos, blindness. Cataract symptoms may improve by wearing eyeglasses, sunglasses, or some changes in your lifestyle like quitting smoking, eating healthy food, taking some natural medications.

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