Saving Money While Moving

If you are relocating due to a new job or a job transfer, ask if the company will reimburse a portion of the moving costs. Many companies will!

Many Vienna moving companies base costs on the weight of items shipped. If possible, sell some of your heavier items before relocating.

Be sure to get estimates from at least 3 Umzug Wien companies. Many times, the companies have competitive rates. They may even try to “beat out” their competitors.

Instead of paying for boxes, visit your local grocery store or retailer and ask if they have boxes that they will give you. If you know which day they have shipments, you can go on that day and they may very well have boxes that they are getting ready to throw away. Make sure that the boxes are in good condition and sturdy enough for your belongings!

Save room and money by using towels and linens to wrap fragile items rather than investing in bubble wrap or packing paper.

Summer is a busy time for movers. You may stand a chance at a better deal by choosing to move in January or February rather than the summer months.

Pack your house up yourself. Who knows better which items should go in which boxes than you? Let the movers worry about moving the boxes. Also, if you are able, moving using a do-it-yourself truck rental company will reduce your costs even further.

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