Reading Games and Programs for Kids

I am always on the lookout for good reading games for kids. If you’re like me, one of my greatest indulgences is to curl up on the couch with a warm blanket, a good cup of coffee and a good book. Admittedly, those times are few since I have had kids, but that’s okay they are worth it. But what I really want is to get my kids to feel the same way about reading. In today’s world of TV, DVR, video games, tablets and smart phones, reading an actual book with real pages leaves most kids feeling like they are being punished for something. As parents, we have to start reading to them every day, even before they are born, to instill in them a love of reading. We have to set the example too. Children do as we do, so if we are always sitting on the couch watching TV, so will they.

We can start in small ways, such as teaching the ABC’s and reading to them every day. As they grow up so do our methods for keeping them excited about reading, with word games. We can play spelling games with their spelling list from school. Play a charades for kids game for family game night. When they have books they are required to read, we can read them too and talk about it together at the dinner table.

It is also important to incorporate reading naturally into our everyday life so kids see the importance of it and become fluent readers. For example, when it’s time to go to the grocery store, give them their own list based on their level. For instance, your 4 year old may get a list with the word “Milk” followed by a picture of a carton of milk. On the next line the word “cookie” followed by a picture of a cookie, and so on. However, you may give your third grader the entire list and have him read it to you. Grocery shopping, reading lessons, and quality time with your kids all at once, you go girl!

There is one proven learning to read program as well. It is a step by step program which is very simple and yet very good in teaching children to read and any parent can implement it. There are a lot of amazing Children Learning Reading program reviews online from real parents and vast majority of the parents say it worked perfectly and that their kids learned to read successfully.

There are so many great reading games for kids. When driving down the road, play the alphabet game. Start with “A” and find a word that starts with the letter you are on. It can be on a billboard, road sign, business or anywhere else. Older kids can point out where they see it and read the entire word, and younger kids can just point out the letter itself. Then move on to the next letter. Everyone in the car takes a turn and you cannot move on until the letter is found.

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