They may seem small when compared to an entire caravan or trailer but jockey wheels are an important part of the entire structure. A lot of people have found this out for themselves when their entire holiday plans were put on hold because their jockey wheel was broken or somehow damaged.

When you buy your trailer or caravan, you will usually receive a caravan jockey wheel as part of the trailer accessories, as well as the clamp that you will use to attach the jockey wheel to the draw bar of your trailer or caravan. There is a variety of jockey wheels to choose from:

Types of jockey wheels

Each type of jockey wheel is for a particular purpose:

Standard jockey wheel

Also referred to as the fixed jockey wheel, it is often welded or bolted directly to the draw bar. Its wheels can be solid or pneumatic and the height can be adjusted by moving the shaft up and down as needed. This type is preferred for domestic use.

Swivel bracket jockey wheel

This was built for ease of use. For instance, you need not remove the wheel from the trailer, you just pull a release handle and the wheel rotates to a suitable position. There is also the adjustable variation of this wheel that gives you the option of removing and adjusting the wheel.

Auto-retract jockey wheel

This is used for heavy caravans and trailers. By winding the handle, you can automatically retract the wheel and fork when you are ready to move.

Power mover with pneumatic wheel

This one is great for moving the caravan separately from the tow/lead vehicle. You can use the handle to easily move the caravan. It is especially useful when parking the caravan in a garage.

Flat-footed jockey stand

This keeps the caravan firmly in place particularly when travelling over uneven or rough terrain. It can come with a clamp or a swivel bracket to weld on the draw bar which you can adjust the height for.

Making a choice

The best jockey wheel for your caravan or trailer will be determined by several things:

  • Reliable manufacturer
  • Appropriate load capacity
  • Appropriate terrain
  • Ease  of use and maneuver
  • Availability of repair and replacement services

It is very important to choose the right jockey wheel for your caravan. You can get useful information by talking to fellow travelers, looking through trailer parts online from portals such as the, as well as talking to your dealer.

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