Close Protection in the UK

Over the last few years close protection in the UK has grown drastically, this is due to a number of reasons, the bombings in London, the media and the increase in crime.

Most celebrities hire close protection officers as personal bodyguards and the role of the close protection officer would involve residential security, executive chauffeur and keeping the media at a distance so their client can have peace of mind.

Many sportsmen and celebrities use close protection agents for book signings and events where they know that the fans will be all over them. Many of the top sportsmen who are away from home for long periods of time are hiring personal bodyguards for their families.

The bodyguard would live in the clients home and form a residential security team. The main reason for this is because criminals know when the celebrity will be at home and they use this knowledge to their advantage and execute the crime when it suits them most.

In the London region many celebrities contract London chauffeur close protection services as they don’t want to worry about the paparazzi and fans all the time. These bodyguards would drive their clients around like an executive chauffeur and ensure the clients safety at all times.

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