Why Do You Need A Baby Car Mirror

There are good reasons for baby car mirrors. Parents of small children know the feeling. While driving, the baby or toddler sits in the baby seat or reboarder in the back of the car, facing the direction of travel. There is also a good reason for this, because all safety tests confirm that this is the best way for youngsters to deal with the centrifugal forces acting on them in the event of an accident. But how should a visual check be carried out while driving? How can the baby be observed in the rearview mirror?

The solution is a back seat mirror, which is usually mounted on the rear headrest and with which you can see your child comfortably while driving. And that feeling is extremely reassuring! All parents will surely confirm that to you. (Just imagine the following situation: your child is coughing, it sounds as if they have choked. Without checking their eyes, it is difficult to assess whether your child needs support and whether you might have to pull over to the right.)

With car mirror you can keep a close eye on your most valuable possession. In addition, it is also important for your baby and child that they can see the parent. Car mirror meets all strict safety requirements and is therefore crash tested as happens with car seats.

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