The Comeback of Roller Blinds

With many people looking for cheaper options for window furnishings these days such as bathroom blinds ideas, the roller blind has once again come to the fore. Often dismissed as a very cheap and unattractive option, many are rediscovering the beauty of the roller blind.

First of all, modern roller blinds come in a huge variety of colors, shades and designs. They are also made from a diversity of fabrics and are designed for many different uses. No more plain, old white or cream roller blinds made out of cheap plastic!

Window roller blinds are perfect for livening up your kitchen or to use as bathroom blinds. They’re unobtrusive, easy to roll up and down, and you can find delightful patterns that will match perfectly with your room décor. Make sure they’re made from a high quality PVC so they can stand up to lots of wear and tear. If you can find 100% waterproof blinds, which are readily available, these would be best for both kitchen and bathroom as they won’t be damaged by water. If installing in the bathroom, be sure to get bathroom blinds and shower curtains that match.

Blackout roller blinds are a very popular choice in Peterborough. They are perfect for any window in your home where the amount of daylight entering a room needs to be reduced, or cut out entirely. This could be a bedroom, for someone who works shift-work, or a child’s room when they need to nap during the day, or even a darkroom for the amateur photographer. Blackout roller blinds don’t need to be drab either. There are many patterned blackout roller blinds available on the blinds Peterborough market.

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