Teaching Assistant – Career

Working as a qualified Teaching Assistant in the UK, you can earn up to £7.5 / hour. The statistics show that on average, a typical Teaching Assistant is required to work around 35 hours per week and earns a salary that ranges between £15,000-£25,000. As in every profession, the salary might go up with the experience and skills of the candidate. There are Teaching Assistant Courses UK both online and offline for your convinience.

As Teaching Assistant you will be required to act as the main Authority whenever the main lecturer/tutor is absent or has gone away for a short while.

If you are working for small children in a nursery or primary school then your day-to-day job tasks would include the following:

– Helping children and school staff with sports events and other extracurricular activities

– Providing support to the teacher with report writing and record maintenance

– Providing care and support to children

– Being gentle with children and calming them down in case they appear to be scared or upset

– Reading story books to children

– Asking children to carry out a reading exercise and spotting/correcting any mistakes made

– Helping children with special needs to accomplish the tasks they have been assigned

– Providing disability support to the disabled students

Making up the class room environment and setting the teaching equipment to be used on the table

Apart from the above mentioned tasks, you can also specialize in one particular field and act as a Teaching Assistant for that subject area such as:

– Literacy (reading & writing)

– Numeracy Skills

– Basic IT Skills

– Language Skills

– Creative Arts

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