Taking Care of Your Eyeglasses

A pair of prescription glasses can be a significant investment. Caring for your glasses and keeping them clean will extend the life of your investment.


Whether you plan to wear your glasses every day or just occasionally, there will be times when you want to bring them along with you. A soft case will help keep your glasses scratch-free, but a hard case will provide even more protection against breakage. The size of the case will vary depending on the size of your glasses, but consider how you will be carrying the case and choose a size according to your needs.

If you plan to put the case in your pocket, a compact version is going to fit better than a large one. If you can put the case in a backpack or handbag, then size is less of an issue. You should also think about the weight of the case. Backpackers and travelers may want a very lightweight but sturdy case. For storage at home, there are trays available which hold multiple pairs of glasses.

Cleaning Products

Dust and other particles will naturally accumulate on your glasses over time. These particles will need to be removed in a way that does not scratch your glasses. Glasses can be made with a variety of different lens coatings, and appropriate cleaning products for your glasses will vary accordingly. Lenses with an anti-reflective type of coating require more delicate treatment than those with no coating. Everyday cleaning can be done with a special cleaning spray. The sprays are safe for most coatings and can be purchased at almost any drugstore or supermarket.

Hand washing can be beneficial for very dirty glasses if done properly. First, rinse any large particles of dirt from the lenses by holding your glasses under running water. This will help to lessen the chance of causing scratches when you wipe your lenses. Then swish your glasses in a basin of soapy water, rinse, and wipe clean. For cleaning particles out of tiny areas such as grooves or screws, ultrasonic cleaning is the safest and most effective method. This can be performed by your eye doctor or eyeglass provider.

Cleaning Cloths

Soft microfiber cloths and specialty lens wipes are ideal for wiping your lenses. On the other hand, you should steer clear of using Paper towels since they can cause scratches. Using a dry cloth on a dry lens can also cause scratches, especially on anti-reflective coatings. A safer option is to moisten the lenses and then wipe them clean. If your cleaning cloths are washable, it is a good idea to wash them periodically, but avoid using fabric softener in the rinse.

Maintenance and Repairs

To make sure you get the most life out of your glasses, you should periodically check the screws that hold your glasses together. The frames that hold your lenses in can loosen over time through normal use, causing the lens to fall out. A kit containing extra screws and a mini screwdriver is inexpensive and can be purchased at almost any drugstore.

In the case of breakage or other extensive issues, avoid wearing the glasses if possible until they can be professionally repaired. Some people find it helpful to purchase an extra pair of eyeglasses to have on hand as a spare, or to wear when there is a possibility of damage to the more expensive pair.

Caring for your glasses and keeping them clean takes only a small amount of time and effort. The reward is clear vision and years of service from your glasses.

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