Solar Energy Industry

Homeowners and businesses looking to save money should invest in a solar power system in Seattle. While the Pacific Northwest may seem like a strange place to invest in solar, there are some good reasons why this alternative energy source is gaining popularity in the region. Almost every home can have solar panels installed to reduce the home’s energy costs. Businesses with their own buildings can likewise benefit from the energy savings generated by solar power systems. However, there are some who don’t want people to know how the democratization of energy can help America as whole, even if it goes against certain large corporations interests.

Bigger Is Better

Fallacy With the invention of the box store, acres of cars for sale, and Texas sized mentality, people have come to believe that bigger is always better. Opponents of solar power cite the detriment to the environment that comes with installing solar power cells or solar power towers in the desert. These structures interfere with the normal environment and create a negative effect on the animals and plant life in the area. Opponents will say that this is the only efficient way to produce solar energy on a salable scale, and that they do not want to disturb the delicate environment in these areas, which should appease the environmentalists.

Big Business and the Individual

What these opponents will not say is that they are funded by the energy business whose interests lie in creating energy the business can sell. For energy companies, these larger installations are the only way to make a profit from the energy that sun and wind produce. However, cities have plenty of space to place solar panels and to create small solar power generators that would act like a larger installation. Solar panels can be placed on every roof in the city. They can also be used to cover parking lots, bus stop benches, and any other flat area that is exposed to the sun. The problem is that the power company cannot reap the benefits of these solar panels. Instead, the individuals who own the panels get the benefits of reduced energy bills, and in some cases, they will even get money back from the power company as was explained on Hand Man Tips blog in details.

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