Music Download Online

If you are a music lover you are surely looking for sites where you can download your favorite songs and for free. Here are some of your options.

MP3 Box

MP3 Box is one of the largest online music directories which offer numerous songs download from all over the world. With MP3 download, you can stream music for free and download full music albums. To use the site, you’ll have to perform a onetime free registration to get access to all its features and create your own music playlist.


Everyone knows about YouTube which is a free video uploading and sharing site by Google Inc. But you must also know that indirectly you can also download free MP3 music from YouTube. And the best way to download them is to use a third party YouTube downloading platform like Keepvid which can convert every YouTube video to MP3 tracks.

For instance, you like a particular song/ video in YouTube and you’d like to save it as an MP3 track in your computer. Simply copy the video url to the KeepVid download box and select the download as MP3. The file will be saved as an MP3 track in your computer.


SoundCloud offers legal music download from a number of genres and artists. You will find all the latest and trending tracks from this site but only a few of the tracks will be available for download due to legal issues. But Sound Cloud offers unlimited music streaming and you can enjoy all the tracks online by registering with a single account.

There are a lot more sites for downloading music. But which ever Situs download mp3 gratis you choose to use always check other user reviews about the quality of the sound and the quality of the files.

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