Instagram: the basics

Home page of Instagram

In the upper area you can see the timeline. Current posts are displayed here.

The navigation bar can be found in the lower area. This will take you to the timeline, search, photo capture, activity and your profile (from left to right).

In contrast to other social networks, which also often work with a timeline, users on Instagram see all pictures posted by accounts to which they are subscribers.

For example, if you follow the Adidas company, you will see every picture on your timeline on Instagram that Adidas posts. On Facebook, for example, an algorithm filters out the posts that you are unlikely to like. You will only see a fraction of the available posts there.

This is of course a disadvantage for companies, as not every post reaches the subscribers. Fortunately, Instagram handles this topic differently. So this is a huge benefit for Instagram!

Search on Instagram

First you will be shown recommended posts. Instagram can tell which pictures you are likely to like.

Now you can click on the search bar at the top to search for images or accounts.

In the upper part of the search (right screen) you will see four different tabs. The left tab shows you your most recent searches. To the right of this is the search for persons or brands.

But you can also search for images. Instagram users can mark their pictures with a so-called hashtag (#). For example, a user can upload a picture of the beach and tag it with #beach.

If you search for “beach” in the hashtag search, this picture of the beach will be displayed. However, when searching for hashtags, only the most recent posts are found. Depending on how many posts have been posted under the respective hashtag, your picture will slide further and further back.

In the tab on the far right you can search for images in a specific location. Then you will be shown all the images that have been uploaded to a certain location.

However, the Instagram user must specify the location of the image or allow the app to use location data.

Photo taking

The photo is in the middle of the navigation bar. Here you can either select a photo or video from your library, or take a new photo / video.

When you have selected or taken a photo / video that you are satisfied with, you can continue to image editing.

Image editing on Instagram

If you want, you can first select a suitable filter here. Instagram now offers a really huge selection of filters.

Filters edit your image with preset settings. This allows you to give your picture a completely different look with just one click.

The little sun in image processing stands for LUX. A feature of Instagram that changes contrast and brightness.


The activity is to the right of the image. The activity shows either your own activity or the activity of the accounts you are following.

Here you can see, for example, which pictures have been liked by the accounts you have followed. But here you can also see who is following you, who has liked your pictures and who has commented on your pictures.

On your profile page you can see how many posts you have posted, how many subscribers your account has and how many accounts you have subscribed to yourself.

Your profile also includes a profile picture. Your profile picture is 150 * 150 pixels in size and is displayed in a round shape. Companies must ensure that the logo is easy to recognize on the one hand and that parts of the profile picture are cut out due to the round shape as recommended by the top influencer agencies who can help your business stand out on Instagram.

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