How To Repair Small Cracks In The Foundation

In order to repair small cracks, you can follow the following steps:

1. Clear the area and discard all loose chips.

If the cracks in your house-foundation are wider than 1/8 inch, it is advisable to opt for a cold chisel and a sledgehammer to chip away any kind of loose material.

2. Make a thin paste out of concrete patch.

Mix the dry vinyl concrete patch powder with latex to the consistency of diluted paste. Do not use water, since it will affect the elasticity and adhesiveness of the product. Moreover, make sure that you mix only a small amount of powder at a time, since most vinyl products tend to dry rapidly.

3. Spray the cracks in the concrete with water and put the paste into them.

Misting the crack with water prior to installing patching products helps preventing the moisture in the paste from being dragged out by dry concrete. If you do not wet the crack, it will cause the patching product to crack as well and not form a firm bond.

4. Scrape away the excess paste with the help of a trowel.

It is important to smooth out the paste to form a uniform finish. If the concrete around the patch is rough, it can be smoothed out by sweeping the ground with a broom. But to be sure, it is always advisable to hire a professional foundation repair Dallas company for foundation repairs. Lastly, you need to clean up your bucket and tools immediately, since patching material tend to dry on them very quickly.

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