How to Avoid Washing Machine Repairs

Imagine having to wash clothes for a family with no machine – just detergent, water, and your hands. Horrific, isn’t it? Without a washing machine, it would be difficult to keep up with the need to change clothes and wash the soiled ones especially if you have children. In order for you to avoid experiencing having to wash jeans and shirts with your delicate hands, here is a comprehensive list that teaches you how to avoid washing machine repairs.

Do not overload your washer

One of the worst things you can do to any appliance is to overdo its functions. Washing machines have specified load limits and if you go over this limit most of the time, you are setting your machine up for failure. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the maximum load limit and if possible, try to go at least half a kilo below it. This ensures you that you will not need a machine repair in the years to come.

Check on your washing machine’s repairs parts

If you are hearing a squeaking sound from your machine or if you think that the machine spins too slowly, you might need to check the belt. When the belt is loose, you really do not need to call for expert for repairs as it is quite easy to tighten it again. Depending on your machine’s model, you will find various of tutorials online to help you tighten or replace your belt. If your hose is starting to leak, you could either replace it or use sealants to stop the leaking. When replacing, make sure that the hose you are buying is for your machine’s model as different washing machines have different needs for hoses. If you find it difficult or confusing however, you should call in the appliance repair New York specialists.

Clean up after use

One of the most common reasons for washing machine repairs is a dirty motor. It could be fabric, strands of hair, candy wrappers, or other small items that go through the holes and make their way to the motor. Before using the machine, make sure you have emptied all pockets. After using, use a cloth to wipe the interior and pick up the strands of hair and pieces of trash you might find inside after washing. This prevents the machine from blocking, avoiding the need for machine repair.

Use pre-treat solutions instead of hot water

If you are washing really soiled clothes, opt for pre-treat solutions instead of hot water (more than 60 degrees Celsius) as hot water makes your machine work double time. Because it exerts more effort in heating up the water before usage, you might need an appliance repair faster than if you do not use hot water.

Aside from these tips, make sure you do not load metal into the machine. Most people forget that they have coins, tweezers, nail cutters, or even nails in their pockets so make sure that you do not load these into the machine. This Washing Machine tips will ensure that these things will not make their way into the motor and cause your machine to break down – leaving you with your hands and the detergent yet again.

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