How Do You Know it’s Time to Replace the Boiler?

Here on our home heating systems all of US count in the regional area to keep us warm throughout winter, and sometimes even on those dreary autumn and spring days. We do not normally give our boilers a second thought; we just understand they help to keep us warm. So with that said your boiler will have to be replaced and it’s always best to do so when the warning signs first pop up, rather than delay until it completely breaks down.

The Age of the Boiler

A normal boiler is meant to last about 10 – 15 years it can be a bit less or a bit more. If you are up around that symbol and you are finding it acting up, there is a good chance it may be time to get a new one.

It is Slow to Heat Up

Another tell-tale sign of a boiler that is on its last legs is when it begins to take more to heat up. This can slowly advance over time for the boiler taking longer and longer to heat up. Keep in mind it may be that a repair is necessary, it’s really better to call the pros on this one.

Your Boiler is not Noiseless

Just like with other things in the home, when they start making sounds – clunks, rattles, and thumps – it’s time to get it looked at. This could be a big red flag that it could be time.

It Costs More to Warm the House

We generally are quite good at knowing how much it costs to heat our houses, so it you are suddenly finding a growth in your invoice it could be the fault of the boiler. Installing a new one could bring about significant savings on your own energy bill.

Before You Replace It

Just a few hints to keep in mind before you actually replace your boiler. It is advisable to make certain that the professional performing the installation has a gas safety certificate. Boiler replacement and central heating installation is quite common, and you will find that you aren’t alone in having to do it.

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