Guide to Animation Services

It is so easy to bring your videos to life through the use of animation. There are various types of services for animation as well as various types of explainer videos. Another great way to provide animation is through the method known as whiteboard video making. And now you are probably wondering – Are animated videos good for marketing? Well read on and find out.

Types of Animation Services

There are three main types of animation services for you to choose from, which include traditional, full and limited animation. Traditional animation is also known as cel animation. This type of animation is done by drawing by hand to create an animated movie. Full animation is the most commonly known form of animation. Full animation is most known for its realistic and extremely detailed art. Limited animation is a less expensive way to create an animated video. It is often used in things such as cartoons and the method does not follow a realistic approach.

Making Whiteboard Animation Videos

Many businesses these days create whiteboard animation videos for things such as internet marketing. These whiteboard videos are often used because of the fact that they produce a unique and detailed finished product. In order to create these types of videos, you will need to gather a few tools first. You will need a computer, desk, chair, dry erase board, dry erase markers, camera and lighting. To set up your desk to make the video, place your lighting and dry erase board on the desk and attach the camera to the lighting source. Be sure you position the camera/light so that it is right over the board.

Before starting your video, you want to determine how many scenes your video will be and how long you envision the video to be. When making a video with whiteboard, all you really need to do is begin drawing on the board with the markers.

Types of Animated Explainer Videos

Animated explainer videos are short videos that are created online and utilized to talk about the products or services that your company has. These videos are mostly used on product pages, landing pages and the home page of a website. There are several types of explainer videos including live action, animated, whiteboard and Kickstarter. Live action is a video that is not animated in nature and are mostly used with companies that have physical products or provides a service that is people-oriented. Animated videos are the most popular type of videos as far as explainer ones are concerned. The majority of businesses that use animated are those that have products that intangible and technological in nature. Animated videos allow users to engage in more creativity and allows for ease in updating and editing. Whiteboard videos are done with hand drawing on a dry erase board. This is one of the least expensive forms of videos when it comes to explainer videos. Kickstarter project almost always have an explainer video associated with it. They are very similar to explaining videos for any other type of product or service with the exception that Kickstarter videos are longer in length.

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