The farm tractor has evolved greatly from its humble beginnings. Originally powered by steam, the tractor did not go very fast, and was moved forward by a flexible belt. As gas powered tractors became available and affordable, speeds increased, and power was enhanced. The tractor is a sophisticated piece of machinery that is able to deliver high torque at relatively low speeds. While the primary use for tractors is agricultural in nature, they can also haul trailers and various types of machinery.

Tractors have been implemented in numerous ways other than the traditional farm use. Although, the farm use of the tractor is probably the most familiar to many individuals. Many of us have been stuck behind a slow moving tractor on a two lane road at some point in time. What many people do not realize is that the slow moving tractor is easier for the farmer to control.

The slower speeds allow for greater manipulation of the land. This allows the farmer to be more precise in plowing and sowing, as well as harvesting crops. Slower speeds also allows for greater precision when pulling many of the implements that are needed everyday on the farm.

Tractors are basically classified based upon their drive train. There are the 2 wheel drive tractors which are primarily rear wheel drive. The 2 wheel drive tractors can also have front assist. To elaborate on this type of drive, there is also the 2 wheel drive that has articulated steering. The final classification is the track tractor. In order to work through the gears of the tractor, there are also a number of pedals that must be manipulated. These pedals also allow for several gear ratios. There are typically 3 to 6 ratios available for the tractor driver.

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