FAQ for Criminal Record Check Application

Apostille is an internationally recognized certification that makes it easier for your documents to be accepted by foreign authorities.

Background checks for criminal records are a necessity when adopting, hiring or promoting anyone who will have access to sensitive information.

You can hire apostille criminal background check service to request criminal background checks in person or via mail. The document will be sent by email as soon as the request is received. Apostille criminal background check services provide one of the fastest and most secure methods of getting certified copies of federal or state felony court records.

Why Are Apostilles Required for Criminal Background Checks?

Apostilles are required because they are the only way to prove that a document originates from a particular government agency. Without an apostille, foreign countries may question whether an official copy of your criminal record is authentic. Make sure you always use an apostille when requesting official copies of your own criminal history report or those of someone else you plan on hiring or employing for sensitive positions in your business.

Apostilles are also required when you need to prove that your copy of a criminal history report is authentic. If you’re planning on working abroad or traveling to another country, it’s important that you obtain an official certified copy of your criminal record so as not to be detained or arrested at the airport.

One of the most important things you can do to protect yourself is to order an official copy of your criminal history report. This will allow you to check for any mistakes that may have been made on your record, such as incorrect information or misspelled names. You should also be aware that in some states, people who have been convicted of certain crimes cannot obtain an official copy of their criminal history report.

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