Do you need financial help?

Sometimes you need money and you need it quick, and for various reasons, you can’t get it from your bank or from your usual sources, because:

  • You’re already servicing another loan at the moment
  • You have a less than impressive credit score or bad credit history
  • You need money fast, and bank loan procedures aren’t as speedy

During such instances, you need to find another solution. This is where a moneylender in Singapore becomes useful. The lender could be an individual or a group of people. The advantage of using a moneylender is that it does not base its analysis on your credit history but rather on your asset credentials, or your ability to repay the amount you’re asking for now. If you’re going to secure your loan, assets are considered, if not, only your cash income is considered. It’s always important to work with a proven and trusted moneylender.

About your moneylender

The most important step is to see that your money lender Singapore has a valid operating license and that its number matches the number found on the list of licensed moneylenders in the Registrar of Moneylender’s office. This list is available on many sites online. You should also be familiar with the rules and regulations that govern the conduct of moneylenders in Singapore. This way, you can match their conduct against the rules to determine their authenticity.

Some things to check for include:

The lender should be able to offer a range of products. This normally speaks to its stability as an institution, because as you grow, so should the base of service provision. The loan application process should be streamlined and efficient. Most moneylenders have online application options now, and within these, they should let you know the requirements depending on your financial status i.e. salaried, commissioned or self-employed and citizenship status.

Before approaching a moneylender, it is important to establish your needs and what you require from the lender. This way, you can match your requirements against what is offered and settle on the best fit. Also, you will borrow only what you need, instead of an excess which may only give you trouble in the future.

Avoid borrowing money to spend on lifestyle requirements or gambles. Borrow only when you must, and only what you must. Your moneylender should be open about its procedure, and take time to answers all your questions fully and courteously. Use this opportunity wisely to make sure you fully understand everything you’re committing to.

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