Choosing a vegan life

There is a plant-based “alternative” to almost any animal product you used to eat. They can and do taste fantastic and familiar. You may enjoy familiar convenience foods like veggie burgers, pizza with veggie meats and dairy-free cheese, brats/sausages and hotdogs, French toast, smothered burritos, deli slices for sandwiches, and desserts like ice cream, cookies, cakes, marshmallows, whipped cream and chocolate. It’s a vast and growing list that keeps growing as more people purchase vegan foods and the demand for vegan food increases.

So, while we want you to stay healthy and we’re not suggesting that you forget the veggies, we also want to point out that taste, variety, familiarity, and fun are important as well. Many caring people are looking for the same convenience foods they are used to – they’re simply choosing healthier and compassionate plant-based versions as you can see from

If you’re into your health, choosing vegan can take you to new heights. Some of the most powerful and successful health advocates and athletes in the world choose vegan foods to step up their game. Whether you’re a superstar athlete, someone who treats your body like a temple, or someone just looking to clean up your diet, put on some muscle, or take off some weight — choosing vegan is the best way to go -– for your health, for the planet, and for the animals.

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