Charge/Billing Account for Maxi Cab Taxi Service

Traveling for business usually requires a pretty tight schedule. Creating a charge/billing account to give your employees the pleasure of Maxi Cab taxi service will help make your business trips in Singapore a success. Keep reading to find out why.

Easy to Start

In just two minutes, you can create an account that allows all of your employees to enjoy Maxi Cab cab service with the ease of monthly billing. Whether you have a private business or work with a government agency, Maxi Cab Singapore taxi service will make business transportation easy, convenient, and efficient.

No Need for Receipts

Company bookkeeping will become much easier with a charge/billing account. Instead of having your employees keep every single receipt from their shuttle trips to the Singapore airport, your company will receive a monthly bill with all of the information your accountants need to keep up-to-date records.

Save Time

Having an account with a particular maxi cab service will help you and your employees save a lot of time. Your account will enable you to get a taxi any time you need it, guaranteed. Don’t make your employees scramble to find an open cab. Instead, provide them with the tools they need to travel quickly and conveniently to and from important business meetings. Business travel will become infinitely easier when you open a charge/billing account with a reputable Maxi Cab taxi service.

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