Call Tracking For Your Business

Call Gear is one of the bigger players in the Call Tracking Software space. In fact, they are more than just a tracking company. They provide Voice-Based Marketing Automation and help businesses Connect, Measure, and Optimize Sales and Service Calls. Here is a video from their website describing what they do:

The gist of their service is to help businesses prove and Improve marketing ROI with call tracking, routing and scoring. CRMs like Salesforce can help you track your online marketing efforts, and Google Analytics does the same. If all your marketing is online and does not require customers to call a number, then tracking these leads and conversion can be done through traditional CRMs.

But if you are say a Lawyer, Real Estate Agent, Non-Profit Organization etc that generate leads through phone calls, then Salesforce or Google Analytics cannot help you there. That is where Call Gear’s systems come in and you can click here to learn more about Call Gear and what services they offer.How it Works

If you run advertising campaigns across different channels and mediums, like Television, Billboards, Newspaper, Yellow Pages, Print, SEO, PPC ads, etc and you require leads to call a phone number, the Call Gear software allows you to assign local or toll free numbers to each ad. That way, when a potential customer calls, you can see which ad they are calling from and which of the ads convert better.

You may be getting a lot of calls from a particular ad but are they converting? It may be that the ad with the smallest number of calls is converting better because of better messaging. This data allows you to do more of that and increase sales. As mentioned, you can integrate their software with Google AdWords, Google Universal Analytics, and other CRM tools.

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