What a traveler to the island should know

Mallorca is a good decision for anyone, party lovers, hikers, cyclists but mainly for the family holiday.

Party lover? no problem, you should go to Magaluf, lots of discos, lots of pubs and lots of drinking. This is the place for you.

Cyclits? You will come to one of the best if not the best cyclist destination in the Mediterranean, Spring months are full of cyclists, the most important cycling teams of the world come here to practice. Many small hotels offering combined night stays in villages all over the island will make you the best option to take the tour of Mallorca.

Hiker? The Tramuntana Mountains will offer you the best views possible, the hiking routes are well marked and there are many excursion routes for the first timer but also for the most experienced hikers. A 5 hour walk trough a canyon from Escorca to the Sa Calobra cove is one of the best.

Holiday with family or friends? Rent a car fromĀ  any rent a car Mallorca provider, search for a villa, if you take the price of 1 week and split it in the number of persons you will share the house you will see the price is way lower than any other hotel. This will make you enjoy the most traditional of Mallorca, far from the noisy popular tourist destinations.

Tips for driving in Mallorca

As you may know, in Spain, we drive on the right site of the road, this will make you a little confused but you will get used to it fast.

Parking your car on the island will be a little tricky, we usually use reversing parking, due to the small parking lots between the cars. If you plan to visit Palma you should opt for multi-storey car parks, as the parking zones in the city are not much.

In the villages and on the main roads, circulation is mainly controlled with roundabouts, remember to take, remember you have to enter the roundabout on the right, we tell you this that as locals, we have seen many left side drivers do that.

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