How to apply for a business loan?

When you apply for any type of financing for your business in Singapore, you will need to fill out a business loan application. Depending upon the type of financing you are seeking, it may take only a matter of minutes to fill out a business loan application or you may find that it takes a lot longer. To make the business loan application go by much faster, you need to prepare some documents ahead of time. As long as you can acquire all the documents you need you will be able to offer the lender all the information they are seeking and you can acquire the financing you need for your business.

A business loan application usually includes business profile information. This information basically asks for a synopsis of what your company is. What type of products do you sell, how much money do you make, etc.? The lender needs to get a view of your annual revenue and determine if you are worthy of a loan. You will provide information as to how long you have been in business, who owns the company, if you plan to expand, etc. The profile information is a summary of your business plan so bring it with you in order to prevent missing out on key information.

In the SME loan Singapore application you will propose a financing limit to the lender. This is where you are going to include information about your corporate credit rating along with the working capital you have to secure the loan. The lender generally looks for companies that have established credit as this shows they have passed the 2 year “high risk” window. In this area on the application you need to tell the lender which loan you are applying for and show reasons why you need this amount of financing.

This is all there really is to a loan application. They vary with each lender you are working with along with the type of loan you are applying for. If you are applying for a large amount of money you will need to come up with some type of collateral to secure the loan. This reduces the risk to the lender and it offers you the chance to acquire the money at a lower rate. If you don’t have collateral for the loan, you may be asked for a different type of security or guarantee. Can you personally guarantee the loan or can you find a partner or investor that will do it for you?

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