Protect the Concepts of Your Technology

Patent Applications protect the underlying concepts of your technology. It prevents others from making, using or selling products incorporating your concepts for 20 years from the date of your patent application.

Key Benefits:

  • Your technology is protected from copying and, equally important, it is protected from those who may claim that they invented your technology first.
  • A newly-issued patent informs the marketplace that your technology is new and unique.
  • A patent allows you to license your technology or cross-license it with another inventor whose technology you would like to use.

Costs: Costs can vary. The initial filing fee is based on the size of the company/entity interested in filing. For a small company or individual, the cost is approximately $385 for the initial filing. A simple search to see if the idea is unique will generally cost between $400 and $800.

The attorney’s fee for a mechanical invention (without too many bells and whistles) will generally run between $3,500 and $5,000. The attorney’s fee for a moderately complex electrical patent can cost more. Attorney’s fees for a very complex software invention can cost as much as $8,000 to $10,000. There are patenting agencies, such as Invent Help, that are more affordable.

Provisional Patent Applications

Disclosing your invention prior to filing a patent application can be fatal to your patent rights.

Provisional patent applications are a very cost-effective way to protect your patent rights immediately, while deferring the cost of a full patent application until after you have a chance to research the market potential for the invention fully.

Often inventors file a provisional patent application before seeking investors who will provide financial support for taking the invention to market.

Provisional applications expire 12 months after filing. To retain patent rights to your invention, you must file a full patent application before the expiry of this deadline. Agencies like InventHelp can help. Find more information about InventHelp on KansasCityMag.

Provisional patent applications are not a cheap alternative to full patents. They are a means to protect your rights while deferring some expenses.

Keys To Successful Garage Door Installation

Residential garage doors in Indianapolis are often made of very thin metal that is shaped in such a way as to provide a very stiff but lightweight garage door. Because of this, most will require that a garage door stiffener of one and one-half inch by one and one-half inch fourteen guage or heavier angle iron be installed at the top of the door for use with garage door opener installation. While this stiffener is built into some doors, others will require that you purchase the angle iron separately from the door kit. Without the additional piece, the garage door opener can place enough force on the top panel of the garage door that it eventually bends the panel so the door begins to bind and may not open or close.

Garage Door Repair aweaweq

Another common mistake is not installing the garage door opener motor in the center of the garage door. This can cause the door to twist every time the motor starts to open the door and can also lead to binding of the mechanism.

You may want to consider purchasing an insulated garage door. While not required, these panels are stiffer than the panels without insulation and can help if your want to keep your garage heated or cooled. If the garage is insulated and you add an insulated door it can actually cut the cost of heating or cooling your home, even if you are not heating or cooling the garage. In addition they help to keep noise in or out. So if you or you children are starting the next heavy metal band in your garage, an insulated door may keep down the complaints from the neighbors.

Selection of a type of lift motor is mainly a personal preference. If you have an eight foot door, most people prefer a one-third HP motor. Larger doors should have a one-half HP motor.

Be sure that light fixtures, power outlets and smoke detectors are installed out of the way of the garage door opener.

Garage doors and accessories should be mounted using lag screws and not nails. Nails will not hold up to the weight and pressure of a garage door.

The rubber gasket at the bottom of the garage door should be pressed against the garage floor to keep rain from leaking in. This gasket should be pressed down between one-quarter and one-half inch after it first touches the floor.

Your garage door should have a counterbalance system that keeps it from slamming down if it is disconnected from the opener. You should be able to stop the door anywhere on its tracks and have it stay in that position. Do not make adjustments to the springs if you do not know what you are doing. Always consult with a professional garage door company, such as the 1st Choice Doors LLC, before doing anything on your own. Garage door spring installation or removal can be dangerous.

In addition to these garage door installation instructions, always be sure that you follow the directions of the garage door manufacturer when installing a garage door.

Types of Masks

There are basically two types of virus masks available:

1. Medical or surgical masks: These are loose-fitting, made of soft, thin cloth and tie behind the head.

2. N95 respirators: These form-fitting masks are made of spun plastic fibers capable of filtering minute particles.

If you’re thinking of buying a mask, we recommend the N95. This respirator was proved by a study published in The Lancet journal to have provided Hong Kong hospital patients — during the SARS outbreak – 13 times more protection than not wearing a mask at all. Of course, a lot also depends on the consistency with which the mask is used and whether or not both the mouth and the nose are covered properly.

Face Mask gfds

People who are at high risk should waste no time in buying the N95 respirators. There are a lot of different N95 masks for sale on the internet. These include children below five years of age, adults over 65 years of age, those admitted in nursing homes and other such facilities, all individuals currently on aspirin therapy, those suffering from chronic illnesses, individuals with inadequate immune systems, pregnant women and those taking care of individuals infected by the virus.

These masks work by creating a physical barrier between you and the surrounding air which might have been infused by virus particles through the coughs and sneezes of infected individuals. They work in the same way to protect you from an infected individual in close proximity. Washing your hands regularly and keeping them away from your eyes, mouth and nose also help.

And important point to keep in mind is that these masks are of the disposable variety and should be discarded after one use.

How to Go About Conducting a Patent Search

You can perform a patent search for any prior art. If you wonder what prior art is, then it is actually something that refers to your knowledge which will relate to your actual invention. This includes any previous trade journal articles, patents and publications which aren’t only limited to catalogues and data books. It also pertains to trade shows, public discussions or sales or public use all over the world.

As already stated the search for prior art will help you to prove that the non obvious and novel conditions which will be required for the patent to be issued to you. You will need to search through different databases to see if your idea for a patent has already been patented. This will let you know if you are able to actually patent your idea.

If the patent search is conducted properly you will know if there is anything similar, identical or at least partially similar to your invention to the one you intend to patent as explained in this article on

Other benefits to viewing previous patents will help you to actually write your own patent application that much better as well as to understand your competition. It will also help you to learn more about your invention’s field.

You should probably also list any prospective patent assignees which you come across as listed on some of the patents that you will be examining as part of your patent search. These might actually be available for licensing patents in your patent’s field.

You can do the search yourself, or hire someone professional like InventHelp company or a patent attorney to do the search before investing in this patent registration for you. For beginners it is highly advisable to actually hire someone to do the search for you. This will ensure that an experienced person will take care of the search and produce the best results. You don’t want to be into your patent registration only to find out that you indeed are not able to patent your invention.

The Scope of a Patent

Most consumers have noticed a U.S. patent number marked on packaging or products at one time or another, but that may be as far as their familiarity with patent law extends. A patent does not grant the owner of the patent the right to produce or sell a product. Rather, it gives the owner the right to prevent others from unlawfully copying the innovation which makes their product unique.

The scope of any patent lies within the geographical boundaries of whatever country in which the patent was obtained. Essentially, a United States patent is enforceable within the United States and its territories and possessions. If an individual wants to expand their business into other countries, they need to obtain patents from each of those countries in order to enforce their rights in those countries.

The claims of each patent determine its scope within its territory. Patent applications consist of several parts, including a specification describing the invention, claims, an abstract, and drawings. An Examiner at the patent office carefully reads the claims to understand the specific embodiments of the invention that the inventor wishes to protect. If the Examiner deems that the embodiments are unique, a patent is granted as you can see from this story on too.

Types of Patent Applications

In the United States, an inventor may file a Provisional Application for Patent, which is not examined and does not become a patent. This application protects an earlier filing date for an invention that is in need of development. The first person to file generally receives recognition for the idea and also the patent. Within one year of filing a Provisional Application, the inventor must file a Non-provisional Application which will be examined and may become a patent.

The Non-provisional patent application may be filed without benefit of a Provisional application. These patent applications are reviewed by an Examiner who ultimately determines the patentability of the invention.

Procedures and Timing of Patent Applications

When it comes to hiring a patent lawyer or a patent agency, such as InventHelp, inventors have several options to choose from. To achieve the best scope of protection, they should consult an attorney before there is public disclosure of their invention. Inventors will have difficulty obtaining a patent if their product has been displayed or sold more than one year prior to filing. This public disclosure could be cited as prior art in the application and may prevent the inventor from obtaining a patent. When hiring a patent lawyer inventors should be prepared to disclose full details regarding their invention so that the attorney can write the application.

Patent Lawyer team have broad experience assisting inventors with the complex process of obtaining a patent. Contact a Patent Lawyer team with the solid experience and the technical understanding necessary to smooth the way to obtaining the patent protection you need.

Addiction Treatment

The term drug treatment is commonly provided by health care provider for people with substance-related disorder. It is a medically approved approach wherein the medical professionals work together with the client to pursue the goal of living a drug-free life.

This form of treatment involves several programs that are considered as key element for treating addictions. It includes self-care approach. It means that the client is the main subject of care and every person around him or her are requested to cooperate with the process of treatment.

It is based on scientific and psychological method in which the patient must submit themselves for identifying the cause of addiction. There are certain factors which can lead to this situation that needs modification. One of the most important things in treating addiction is self-awareness.

In this manner, the client is asked about his weaknesses and strengths. The purpose of this method is to determine the exact plan for assisting the client with substance-related disorder. It may be hard for the client to accept the situation but controlling the external stimuli can help them achieve the desired goal. This goal involves the way to get rid from drugs and other deadly substances.

Moreover, there are young adults in Connecticut who are not prepared to seek help. They tend to hide from the very fact that their body is out of control. They need to move out from the looms where they stuck up and continuing their current activities. It may be hard for them to quit it easily but seeking addiction treatment is very beneficial.

If you are one of those people who are dependent to drugs, this is the right time for you to visit one of the Connecticut detox centers. Talk to your family and discuss the appropriate ways to relieve yourself from drug addiction. This time, you need to prioritize your health. Always remember that drugs do not only affect your health condition. It can also ruin your future.

What Is Psychotherapy?

In a nutshell, psychotherapy offers the possibility of uncovering whatever might be getting in the way of your living a fuller and more creative life. This might be chronic stress, anxiety, fear, low self-esteem, loneliness or any number of other challenges.

In a safe and secure environment, you explore together, psychotherapist and client. Slowly, the feeling of safety, and of truly being heard – perhaps for the first time in your life – may allow you to begin to open up to new ways of connecting with others and yourself. And to open up to your birthright: a true zest for life and relationship.

Common psychotherapy New York, typically, begins with an initial consultation – offering the client and therapist a chance to meet. It is an opportunity to ask questions and find out if the therapist feels ‘right’; it might also be an opportunity for you to begin to speak about what has brought you to psychotherapy. And if you do decide to commit to a further session, or more, the conversation between therapist and client can slowly deepen.

Sometimes, what looks to the outside world like confidence, security and wisdom, may conceal a storm-tossed person full of stress and anxiety. In psychotherapy, we may dare to see the gap between this false, accomodating self and the true self. And to glimpse the possibility of living more authentically.

And so we may begin the process of growing up on the inside, in our inner world, as well as on the outside, in our worldly self. And as we trace this inner life of a person – underneath all the stress and anxiety – and discover their untold story, we find out how we may become more capable of truly having our own experience. And finding our own place in the world.

Alongside the evolving conversation, psychotherapy may include other ways of working in the room. We may use art materials to explore and express feelings through images: and through this business of image-making we are literally creating what has never been before, and seeing possibilities we might never have imagined.

Or we might work with the possibility of exploring movement in the room, attending to the breath and the sensations that this might elicit. We might also include a sensitive and respectful use of touch to bring awareness to ‘forgotten’ emotional realities that may be held in our physical selves.

Essentially, psychotherapy is a process of meeting you exactly where you are. This is where the journey begins. A journey without a specific destination and without a charted route. This step beyond what we currently know about ourselves is the heart of the adventure.

Stress and Healthy Lifestyle

There are numerous scientific studies that show stress is very harmful for people’s long term mental and physical health as explained in this article – Wellness Solutions. But, there are also numerous other studies that show stress is beneficial to you. In fact, some studies show that stress can make you feel more happier and healthier. Why?

There are several reasons. Here are some beneficial reasons why!

1. Stress is important for growth

In the human body, some tissues are only stimulated or triggered by stress. One good example where stress is important for growth is muscle building. To build muscle, you have to bring stress on the muscle fibre so it can stimulate growth. It does this by damaging the muscle fibre on a microscopic level so new stronger muscle fibre can replace the damaged muscle fibre. As a result, the new muscle fibre is much more bigger and stronger than the previous muscle.

2. Stress forces you to change bad habits

Any stress, particularly mental stress is not a good psychological feeling to have. The first thing that your body does when it is confronted with stress is to avoid it. This is a good thing because it forces you to change your bad habits. For instance, if you are always running late for work and always getting told off by the boss is mentally stressful. Hence, to avoid mental stress, you need to wake up early and be more punctual for work which forces you to change your habits. If we don’t get stressed at all, then we continue to have bad habits. This can be detrimental in the long term if we don’t do anything about our bad habits because we don’t improve.

3. Stress is a good motivator

Whenever you want to complete something or get something done, you feel stress. If you don’t feel stressed at all, you will never get things done. For instance, if you forget to get some ingredients for dinner or you need to complete an assignment for class, the feeling of stress will make you complete the task. Absence of stress causes you not to be reminded of it, and as a result, you might not have dinner or you fail your course.

4. Stress releases natural happy hormones (serotonin)

When your body encounters stress, your body releases natural hormones called Serotonin. Serotonin is a natural hormone that makes you happy. But, if the body is exposed to prolonged stress, it can have the opposite effect.

Floral Going Out Dresses

Floral dresses are among the most common types of dress because floral designs look good on just about any type of dress. There are a few types of dresses where floral designs are more common than in other dresses, but generally they can be found in all types of dress. Some of the more popular types include:

Summer Floral Dresses

Floral is a very popular design for summer dresses. Part of the reason is because summer dresses are known for their bright colors, which is something that can be easily provided in most summer designs. Also, flowers seem to be at their most vibrant during this time of the year, which makes their appearance on summer dresses a natural fit.

Summer dresses tend to be lighter in material, and also can be much more revealing than other types of dresses because they are generally worn during the summer months. However, floral dresses that are made from a heavier fabric can also been worn during the winter and autumn months, and generally go well with accessories that are often associated with winter and autumn-wear.

During the colder months, look for floral dresses that feature darker colors. Bright colors tend to look out of place during the winter months, but darker floral designs can go great with the scarves, coats and hats from your closet. It is possible to wear brightly colored floral designs during autumn and winter when they are placed on darker colored backgrounds. During the spring months, the autumn and summer styles tend to collide as we watch the weather slowly change.

Sleeveless Evening Dresses

Another popular type of floral dress is the sleeveless evening dress. These going out dresses are generally used in more formal situations and feature darker colors. Sleeveless dresses are great for dinner dates and nights on the town, along with a beautiful cardigan or small coat. Some will be low cut, and others will have shoulder-width neck cuts, but all will be elegant and appropriate for any formal event.

For those of us who cannot get enough floral into their wardrobe, with careful planning you will be able to find floral dresses that work well during all seasons, allowing you to wear your favorite floral designs throughout the year. Keep in mind that many high-cut floral dresses can be worn with jeans under them as a dress-shirt style of outfit. This style has become increasingly popular in recent years and for good reason; it allows you to wear your shorter dresses during the colder months without looking out of place.

It has become increasingly common for floral designs to be used with more formal types of dresses, including evening gowns, bridesmaids’ gowns and even bridal gowns. Of course, these designs are often a bit different from the floral designs that you would see on more casual types of dresses. Keep in mind that at times floral designs can be overbearing when they are too large and take the attention off of the dress itself, so you might want to opt for designs that do not cover the entirety of the dress.

Roof Replacement

A roof is one of those places also that until the damage is visually evident you don’t know it has occurred. Below you will find common signs that your roof has been damaged and helpful advice to determine if you can get by with a repair or if it is time to seek out a West Palm Beach professional roofing contractor.

The first issue is visual buckling. This issue occurs when the roof has not been properly installed or ventilated correctly. Another reason this occurs is when the roofing shingles have been applied to the new roof without removing older shingles first. When buckling occurs to your roof in several places it is more than likely in need of replacing. When the buckling occurs in only one spot it can be repaired.

Another common sign of roof damage is a tad more obvious. If you find shingles in your yard you have a problem. If there is an excessive amount of loose shingles you should contact a professional immediately to come out and fix the roof. If not caught and taken care of early in the game you will need a whole new roof.

If you start to see some of the shingles on your home become discolored you most likely have an issue that needs a professional to be hired to treat the roof. Most discoloration comes from the appearance of algae and moss growth. You need your roof to be moisture resistant to avoid leaks. A professional roof leak repair West Palm Beach company can come in to treat the growths and seal the roof from moisture to avoid further complications.

Rotting shingles are a good sign that other areas below the roof are rotting as well. This is a severe case and one in which you should seek out a professional roof installation company to come in, remove the old roof and install a brand new roof in its place. This will prevent damage to the inside structure of your home. If not caught and dealt with early you could be looking at also replacing support beams throughout the attic.

Roofs are an important piece of your home. If not kept up on roofing problems can lead to big dollars spent fixing damage that could have been prevented or maintained. Most roofing contractors are more than happy to come out and offer a free quote to fix damage before you commit to an entire new roof.